Christmas Meat Order Form

By Andy | October 21st, 2015

You can order your Christmas meats here!

A deposit of £20 for all meat orders must be placed to confirm the order.  This can be paid by cheque made payable to “Thornhill Farm Shop Ltd” and posted to Thornhill Farm Shop, Capel Gwilym Rd, Thornhill, Cardiff CF14 9UB, by telephone on 029 20611 707, Credit/Debit card or by visiting shop with cash.

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Welsh Free Range Bronze Turkeys

£11.29/Kg (£5.13/lb)

4-5kg (9-11lbs):

5-6kg (11-13lbs):

6-7kg (13-15.5lbs):

7-8kg (15.5-17.5lbs):

8-9kg (18-20lbs):

9-10kg (20-22lbs):

Classic Turkey Butterflies (boneless breast)

£14.49/Kg (£6.58/lb)

2-3kg (4.5-6.5lbs):

3-4kg (6.5-9lbs):

4-5kg (9-11lbs):

5-6kg (11-13lbs):


Enter Quantity required

Pigs in blankets (£3.99/tray):
Cranberry, pear & Apricot Stuffing (£3.99/tray):
1lb Sausage Meat (£3.99):
Sage & Onion balls (£2.99/tray):

Other Meat

Fresh Free Range Chickens, Approx 1.5-2kg (4.5-5lb):

Fresh Free Range Capons (big chickens!), Approx 4-5kg (9-11lb) - £8.49/kg (£3.85/lb):

Fresh Free Range Ducks, Approx 2.1-2.7kg (4.5-6lb) - £8.79/kg (£3.99/lb):

Fresh Free Range Geese, Approx 4-6kg (9-13lb) - £14.49/kg (£6.58/lb):

Any Other Requirement

Beef Topside/Silverside:

Leg of Pork:

Shoulder of Pork:

Loin of Pork:

Half a Gammon Joint:

A Whole Gammon Joint:

Ribs of Beef (number of ribs):

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