Job Vacancies

Current vacancies:-   No current vacancies


Job and Personal Specificationns


  • To be friendly, polite, helpful and sociable
  • Ability to receive customer feedback
  • Ability to provide excellent customer service
  • Personal Integrity
  • To be honest, reliable and trustworthy

Team Work

  • To have good communication skills
  • Ability to work well on your own and in a team
  • Ability to remain calm and work well during very busy times
  • Drive
  • To be confident and self motivated
  • To be committed to the business
  • To take initiative and work in a pressured atmosphere.

If you meet the requirements above and are ready and willing to work hard, please complete the application form (Download at top of this page) and return to David Cross, Thornhill Farm Shop Ltd, Capel Gwilym Road, Thornhill, Cardiff. CF14 9UB or email to as soon as possible.

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